Friday, August 1, 2008

Watch out, Tiger!

Ever since Jeff brought home the little golf set for Daniel and Olivia, Daniel started loving golf. He wants to put a golf ball on the "teeth". He hits it pretty hard in the backyard and talks about hitting it in the hole. Jeff let the kids play on the practice putting area at the country club the other day. I think you can see the determination on Daniel's face! Watch out, Tiger!


Lisa said...

My son loves to 'play' golf as well. We bought him a plastic set when he was two and he now has a metal set we'll take with us to the driving range. He love hitting the balls so much. Neither of us know how to play and neither of us know how to teach him how to play, but he loves setting up a course at the in-laws house all the same. Now, his sister is shadowing him and trying to play as well.
Tiger has a lot of competition lately.

nancyg1126 said...

He looks so cute with his little crocks on to boot! Gosh they grow up so fast. I'm off to a Beth Moore conference. I'll call when I get back.