Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Class Reunion Part 1, the picnic

Over Labor Day Weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend my 20th class reunion. I had a wonderful time catching up with old friends, meeting spouses and seeing the adorable little ones. We met at the local park where Deanna & Jenny had the picnic all set with purple and gold table cloths, LO bracelets and watermelon! The kids all played while the adults visited.
It is strange how some people change tremendously and others are just the same, just a little more grown-up! Here's some of the pictures from the picnic. I wish I could have gotten more of everyone's kids, but they were too busy!
Karen, Deanna, Linda & me

Stephanie, Craig and girls

Heather & girls
Rusty, Bill & Mark

Matt & wife, Mark, Bart & daughter, David & son

Joy, Craig, & Stacey


Tammy said...

I went to my 20th reunion in '06 and it was so WEIRD to see all the folks I graduated with. It seemed as the girls all looked the same and the boys all gained weight! ;-)

We are THAT Family said...

How Fun! My hubby's is next summer. Can't wait!