Saturday, November 8, 2008

Once Upon a Dream

My FBLA kids held their 2nd annual Princess Party fundraiser today. We had 5 "princesses", 2 "princes", Alice in Wonderland, and Fairy Godmother all available to visit with the kids and take pictures. The little Princesses could dance with the princes in the ballroom, visit a make-up station, create a princess bracelet, attend a tea party and take home a picture with their favorite princess. We had raffles (priness bicycle and princess basket stuffed to the brim) to raise money for Christmas for Kids. We also sold 74 Disney Princess t-shirts and SOLD OUT!

We had about 50 FBLA students give up their Saturday morning to make lots of little girls dreams come true. This truly was a magical day for about 130 little girls, and even a few little boys.

Olivia was there with me from 8:00 til 1:00. She's learning the ins and outs and I've told her when she is in high school, she'll be in charge of putting on this fundraiser!

Thanks kids - you all did a BEAUTIFUL job!

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nancyg1126 said...

Looks like it was an awesome time. Wish I didn't have to miss it. I want to see more pictures as soon as you can.