Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Little Vacation Part 1

The kids and I are visiting my dad in Tarpon Springs, FL. We are having a fun time and we are just a couple of days into the week.

Sunday we went to the Clearwater Aquarium where we saw rehabilitated dolphins and sea turtles. One of the dolphins, Winter, doesn't have a tail fin. She learned to swim differently but has a prosthetic fin she wears once a day in physical therapy. Visit her at seewinter.com.

Uncle Ben is at dad's for a few days. He took us Monday to Clearwater to visit with Cousins Shellie (who flew down with us), Larry, Beau, Alex and Julia. We swam at the pool, played at the beach, went on a dolphin boat, played at a playground, ate pizza, and I think I got a Christmas Card picture of the kids at the beach! We were worn out.

On the boat ride, the kids got to "drive" the boat. And feed the seagulls.

We miss you, Jeff!

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