Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Fall Break Vacation

It seems like forever since I last blogged. We've had phone/internet problems, a couple of sick kids and went on a wonderful, fun fall vacation to St Louis.

Of course we stayed with Aunt Paige & Uncle Steven - in their new house! They have done lots of work, it really looks cute. It has tons of potential and know they will continue to work on it for a long time, til it is just right.

We got to do a couple of fun things while in St Louis. Our most fun was at The City Museum in downtown S.L. We had no idea what to expect, which probably added to the fun. The museum is 3 stories, plus an outside area, of all of these crazy, recycled things to do. You just kind of find your way around as no maps are provided. When you first walk in, this is part of what you see...

These were huge fish and a whale you could walk through. If you look close, you see Paige in the first photo. The floors and everything was gorgeous - the ceilings had a white, silky material hanging from them that looked like fish scales.

We wondered around here exploring then went upstairs to find a big hamster wheel.

Daniel, Jeff and Steven decided to give it a whirl. Daniel couldn't keep up, and just kind of flopped on the wheel. Bless his heart, I was laughing so hard I cried.

Paige and Steven had a little bit better luck.

The man at the front door told us to be sure and check out the 3rd floor for the kids. Oh my! They had a blast running and sliding! Ummm, some of the adults did too - I just couldn't get photos as I was busy...

Around the corner some kids were getting circus training - no kidding! I thought the tie decorations were cool. Jeff thinks he wore some of the ties at one time.

Another area had kind of a circus/carnival theme. There were old pinball and video games, plus a photo opportunity or two.

Paige and I thought the gigantic underwear were cool!

There were lots of things to climb and do that the kids will have to grow into. I don't think we'll have a problem visiting again! The plane photo is an outside climb area - look closely and you will see tiny people!

One of our most favorite things were the slides. Kids of ALL ages were participating! The adults each took turns watching the kids so that we could climb up 7 stories of swirly stairs to slide down 7 stories of a swirly slide! We were dizzy at the end.

Thanks Paige and Steven for helping us have an awesome fall trip!

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nancyg1126 said...

You mentioned recycled. What did you mean by that? And I never could find Paige in the photo! Looks like tons of fun!