Saturday, January 16, 2010

Salvation Army Makeovers

I decided to take a look at the goods at these places and see what I could make-over, after seeing all of the fabulous make-overs in blogland.

I found a shelf in need of paint, a frame in need of chalkboard paint and red candle holders in need of some TLC.

It is amazing what some paint will do to make and old item new. I think I spent about $10 for these items at Salvation Army and already had the paint!

I use this chalkboard in the kitchen for menus and notes. I should have put something inspirational on it for you.
The shelf took several coats of paint. Jeff finally convinced me to put a brush to it. Olivia helped stock it - it is hanging over my bath tub.It is amazing how these candle holders turned out with some black paint. I thought Santa looked cute sitting on one.There are currently tree cutters in our yard cutting down 10+ trees. I'll post "before" and "afters" of our yard soon!


Beth Anne said...

I really need to get some chalkboard paint - it looks great!

Andrea said...

They look great! You will soon be addicted to the hunt...

Cat said...

Everything turned out great. LOVE the shelf. Good job!