Monday, March 8, 2010

A New Four Year Old in the House

Happy Birthday, Daniel! It is so hard to believe that four years ago Jeff and I left the house about this time (5:30 a.m.) to go "get" our new baby boy. We dropped Olivia off at the babysitters before heading to the hospital. I knew Daniel was a bigger baby than Olivia, but NO idea he would weigh 9 pounds! What a sweet little boy we have.

We celebrated Daniel's birthday with a party at a local pizzeria, the kind with games. Lots of good friends came to help him celebrate. He had a great time and got some cool gifts.
I had fun making some table decorations for the room. I used my Cricut (celebrations and a child's life cartridges) to cut out some shapes. Then stuck them to some sucker sticks and added them to decorated cans. I used flower styrofoam stuff in the cans and some shredded paper Olivia found in the Easter box this week. I also made cups for the kids to keep their tokens in while they played. These really helped everyone keep up with their own tokens and gave them a new cup to use at home. The cake was from Dairy Queen - one of our favorites! We stopped by and ordered it one afternoon. Daniel told the girl he wanted a golf cake and they did a great job.

Thank you, Daniel, for the sweetness and roughness (all at once) you bring to our home!

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