Sunday, May 2, 2010

She's Growing UP on Me!

Olivia has had some big seven year old events going on lately. She lost one of her front teeth and the other one is barely hanging on!

In the past, we've talked about getting her ears pierced. She definitely wasn't interested, because of the pain. Just a couple of weeks ago she announced that she was ready to get them pierced. We just had to find the right time.

One of her friends, E, had wanted her ears pierced too. So E's mother and I schemed to surprise them after dance class Friday night. We announced we were going to the mall to eat and get them pierced! Screams of delight could be heard for blocks!
Olivia was a trooper and had no problem. I was proud of her. After we ate dinner, the girls were treated at various stores around the mall. I'm definitely seeing shopping in her future!

Upcoming events for Olivia include testing at school, Girl Scout awards (becoming a Brownie), the end of her first grade year, and her 4th Dance Recital.

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