Sunday, June 13, 2010

And Summer has just begun...

Whew, been meaning to post pictures of all of our end of school year activities, but we've been busy since school got out.

Olivia was a beautiful ballerina and tap-dancer at her dance recital.

She got several awards at her end of school awards day. She was most proud of the high attendance award - after all the days she missed as a kindergartner!

She "bridged" from being a Daisy Girl Scout to a Brownie.

We got to visit Paige & Steven, go to a Red/Cards game and to Six Flags! If only we had seen the Reds play a day later, when they won!

This past week, Olivia, Daniel & I were at Girl Scout Camp for 3 days. They had loads of fun doing experiments, crafts and games. I think the favorite was swimming at the park pool!

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