Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WFMW: teaching kids to sew

I'm starting this off by saying I am not a seamstress! I got my first sewing machine a few years ago and am lucky to sew a straight line. Now my dear friend, Holly, who I took home ec with in high school, makes beautiful clothes for her daughter. We had some good times in that class....

Anyway, Olivia found this book on sale at my school for $4! (I teach at a high school and a book company sets up a display every couple of months for the teachers.)

The book has wonderful pictures and instructions for little girls and moms to follow.
Olivia and I picked out some felt this past weekend and she made herself some cupcakes! She was so proud.

Now she's ready to tackle more sewing challenges - this definitely works for me! Pop over to WFMW at We're THAT Family.

**Made by Me by Jane Bull - DK Publishing

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