Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Grade, New Tractor and a Favorite Quote

We've been busy the past few weeks, getting ready for school with all of the last minute details. Olivia started 1st grade today with Mrs. Emily and said it was "incredible". She was most excited at all of the books in her classroom that she already loves.

Daniel thinks he goes to school at Mrs. Janet's. We went ahead and got him a backpack for the Florida trip. I think it will last until kindergarten and beyond. Those L.L. Bean backpacks are the best!

Jeff finally found the tractor he was looking for - 1/2 mile down the road! This after driving all over and searching countless papers and websites. Olivia and Daniel explored the tractor with cousins Brady and Brookelyn. Jeff will use it at the family farm for bush hogging and clean up.

My favorite quote of the week comes from Daniel - "my eyebrows hurt"! I know that feeling!

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