Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things that have been keeping us busy...

It sure is hard to get back in the routine of school. We're trying to enjoy as much of the warm weather we can when we're not at school. This past weekend we took the kids putt putting and to eat at a pizza/game restaurant. Olivia hit the mother load on one game and got 500+ tickets. We also took them to Jeff's sister's pond to fish. Even though the weather was awesome, the fish weren't biting too good. Daniel did manage to catch and hold one long enough for a picture.

I've been crafting a little bit. I took an old Christmas shadow box , that we got for free from a Cousin's yard sale, and converted it to a golf yardage marker holder. Daniel got this marker from Memaw (he loves anything golf) and I figured I better frame it before he breaks something with it. A little black spray paint, some styrofoam and scrapbooking paper and voila!

Daniel's babsitter had her kitchen repainted. I decided to share my love of spray paint and update her iron clock and shelf. A little vinyl monogram and it looks lots better!

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Hillary said...

Mrs. Ramage why didnt we go to Chuckie Cheese for yearbook?! OMG you know we would have had a blasssttt!