Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tips from a high school teacher

I know not every high school student is nearly as excited to go back to school as the elementary kids (ha ha).... so I thought I would post some tips for Works for me Wednesday from the perspective of a high school teacher.

1 - check the class syllabus of each class your child has. Most teachers request certain items and will list them on the syllabus.

2 - try to help your child be organized. A simple folder goes a long way to help organize papers for a class.

3 - we do want parents to make contact with us. Feel free to email or call his/her high school teachers with any questions or concerns.

4 - my school provides a school agenda with a wealth of information inside - such as grading scales, promotion requirements, discipline codes, etc.

5 - high school is going to cost more than elementary and middle. I advise the yearbook and these alone have gone up in price, as with the quality. Also remember, homecomings, proms, senior pictures, class rings, cell phones, cars - all add up!

Thanks and have a great school year!

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nancyg1126 said...

Boy am I saving a bundle now that mine are all our of school!! Thanks for the perk me up today!!!