Sunday, August 30, 2009

I've always been a part of THAT family...

**This post has been edited a little to enter into "We are THAT Family" 2nd blogaversary.

If you've ever scrolled down the side bar of my blog, you've noticed a blog called "We are THAT Family". I felt an immediate connection with this blog. We always had interesting events happening when I was growing up...

On the way camping and the van over heats. Had to pull over on the side of the dam bridge for my dad to pour water best friend was with me...we were kind of a "white trashy" THAT family...

My little brother swallowed a bullet! Even the ER doctor couldn't believe that one! He had to be x-rayed, the entire ER laughed and my sister helped him "dig" it out of his "you know what" days later...

Today was one of the many instances with my own kids. We recently remodeled our sanctuary at church. After the beautiful dedication service today, we had a fabulous meal in our activity building. The kids had eaten and I was enjoying my desserts (yes, I mean plural).

I had been looking around for Daniel and a friend at my table says, "I think Daniel needs your help." I look up and he is walking out of the bathroom hallway with his pants and underwear around his ankles in front of everyone! He is yelling "mommy, I need your help!"

We're trying to explain modesty! I'm just still happy he's potty trained.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things that have been keeping us busy...

It sure is hard to get back in the routine of school. We're trying to enjoy as much of the warm weather we can when we're not at school. This past weekend we took the kids putt putting and to eat at a pizza/game restaurant. Olivia hit the mother load on one game and got 500+ tickets. We also took them to Jeff's sister's pond to fish. Even though the weather was awesome, the fish weren't biting too good. Daniel did manage to catch and hold one long enough for a picture.

I've been crafting a little bit. I took an old Christmas shadow box , that we got for free from a Cousin's yard sale, and converted it to a golf yardage marker holder. Daniel got this marker from Memaw (he loves anything golf) and I figured I better frame it before he breaks something with it. A little black spray paint, some styrofoam and scrapbooking paper and voila!

Daniel's babsitter had her kitchen repainted. I decided to share my love of spray paint and update her iron clock and shelf. A little vinyl monogram and it looks lots better!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Never to early for Christmas ideas

Last night Jeff and I had the opportunity to do some kid free shopping. (Nanny had the kids.) Can you believe I asked him to go to Harbour Freight and Lowe's!!! I'm doing a little Christmas present crafting/playing around. Here's a sneak peak....

I keep telling Jeff that crafting is cheaper than therapy!!

Be back soon for updates on what we've been doing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ceramic Range Cleaning - Works for Me

My Works for Me Wednesday idea came to me while cleaning my ceramic top range.

I like to keep old toothbrushes to clean various little nooks and crannies around the house. It might sound gross, but they do come in quite handy!

The other day I had a boil over TWICE on my range. Couldn't seem to get my timing down. Anyway, later when I was trying to clean I got frustrated. All of those little grooves on my stove top were being stubborn. Then I realized a toothbrush would work! And it did!

Give it a try and visit We Are THAT Family for more great tips.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A New Member of the Family

Today we got a new member of the family - Blueboy "Rex". He is a Gordon Setter. Here's the kids waiting patiently to show him his new toys. And he loved giving Daniel kisses.

We're sure he'll love hunting with Jeff & Daniel and Doc & Sam very soon.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Grade, New Tractor and a Favorite Quote

We've been busy the past few weeks, getting ready for school with all of the last minute details. Olivia started 1st grade today with Mrs. Emily and said it was "incredible". She was most excited at all of the books in her classroom that she already loves.

Daniel thinks he goes to school at Mrs. Janet's. We went ahead and got him a backpack for the Florida trip. I think it will last until kindergarten and beyond. Those L.L. Bean backpacks are the best!

Jeff finally found the tractor he was looking for - 1/2 mile down the road! This after driving all over and searching countless papers and websites. Olivia and Daniel explored the tractor with cousins Brady and Brookelyn. Jeff will use it at the family farm for bush hogging and clean up.

My favorite quote of the week comes from Daniel - "my eyebrows hurt"! I know that feeling!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tips from a high school teacher

I know not every high school student is nearly as excited to go back to school as the elementary kids (ha ha).... so I thought I would post some tips for Works for me Wednesday from the perspective of a high school teacher.

1 - check the class syllabus of each class your child has. Most teachers request certain items and will list them on the syllabus.

2 - try to help your child be organized. A simple folder goes a long way to help organize papers for a class.

3 - we do want parents to make contact with us. Feel free to email or call his/her high school teachers with any questions or concerns.

4 - my school provides a school agenda with a wealth of information inside - such as grading scales, promotion requirements, discipline codes, etc.

5 - high school is going to cost more than elementary and middle. I advise the yearbook and these alone have gone up in price, as with the quality. Also remember, homecomings, proms, senior pictures, class rings, cell phones, cars - all add up!

Thanks and have a great school year!