Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WFMW - more shoe options!

Do you ever have one of those "ah ha" moments that make you laugh hysterically? My Works For Me Wednesday Tip did that to me!

I was shopping at a fabulous outlet mall in Orlando last week with a teaching buddy of mine - we were at a school conference. Leigh Ann wanted to go into a shoe store, I wasn't crazy about packing more shoes for the flight home.

As Leigh was looking at her shoe size she says she is going to look at the kids' shoes as well. She has a smaller foot than mine and I figured this would work for her. I went around to that size of the store with her and saw a women's to kid's shoe size conversion chart. Low and behold, I didn't even know you could convert a women's size 8 to a kid's size 6!! I ended up looking, finding a cute pair of shoes (that were even a size 5 1/2).

I know this isn't news for some of you, but the next time I buy a pair of tennis shoes I'm checking in the kid section, I hear you can save money this way!

The conversion is simple, the kid size is simply two sizes smaller than your adult size. Happy shopping!