Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Recap

This will go down as one of the best Valentine's EVER!

Jeff got in a fun mood and started leaving me notes and gifts on Thursday. I came home to this
note in one of my pot holders...

"It's evil me as you will see
Let's play a VDay game, so

before it's done I'll have some fun.

The 1st clue as it would be
is to look above where you pee."

A second note was in the cabinet above the toilet with a little box.

"I know you think I'm all bad,
all poots and farts. But I

wanted you to know I love
you, here is the key to my heart.

But beware of upcoming clues
because sometimes Valentine's gifts

come in twos."

In the little box was this beautiful charm.

Friday night - the kids and I had been to a Valentine's party and Jeff was at work. I found this note in one of my clothes drawers.

"When you deal with evil
always take the lesser.
You might want to look for your next gift,
on the dresser.

To narrow it down here's a clue

People often keep a lawyer on retainer
your next gift is hiding with
others like it in a clear type container."

After a little help from Olivia and Jeff (I was VERY tired) I found this solitaire and band. Remember, I had lost my wedding ring at the lake Summer '08.

I proudly wore this ring all day Saturday, thinking "wow how did he afford this" and "is it a little too big?"

Sunday morning... we sent the kids on their own scavenger hunt, which they loved. After all of the hoopla, Jeff comes in the room and gets on one knee. He hands me another ring and says "the first one is a fake - from Avon! Here is your real ring."

I love this one even more, got a big laugh and have a fun, fake diamond to wear!

Jeff's gift is going to be snake boots for turkey season, when he finds them. I made us these shirts to wear for fun. I got the idea from "Promise Keepers."

I'll also show Olivia's Valentine box for school. We got the idea for this kitty cat from Family Fun magazine.

We also made the heart shaped crayons for her class and some Valentine Cricut pictures for her teacher and classroom aides.

Daniel took shovels with treats in the scoops for his friends at babysitter Janet's. Janet got some cute "Happiness" notepads from Michael's.

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Hope you did too.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Projects - the good and the ugly

I've been trying projects for Valentine's Day as I have time (snow days) and the inspiration hits.

Olivia and I had the bright idea to make the heart shaped suckers for her class using small candy canes. I made sure we had enough canes, the sticks and the baggies. We followed the directions on The Idea Room, but ours didn't work out. I had to pop them off the sheet...and they crumbled.

So we tried another idea from The Idea Room - some yummy chocolate peppermint popcorn. This project turned out yummy! I plan to make some more for gifts. We had to sample the first batch!

Applique has always intrigued and puzzled me. It looks so easy when other people do it and explain it on their blog. So, when I found this $3 long sleeve tee I decided to make Olivia a Vday tee shirt. I've got some more practicing to do. At least I already had the heat'n bond and material AND she's only 7 and not picky yet!

We did find another successful project for her classmates. We made crayon hearts that we learned about on so many craft blogs. We think her class will enjoy them.

This week, as a stress relieves, I made a cute 2x4 project I found on How She Does. It was fun to mod podge and vinyl and it was from scrap 2x4s. The flipside is for St Patty's Day.

And today, another snow day, Olivia had asked me to mend a hole in a too little "hand me down" shirt. I suggested we make a cute pillow instead.

I then made dresses for her American Girl dolls with the sleeves.

Thanks for visiting - and take comfort in everyone has a few goofs now and then!