Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Granny Lucille's Treasures

We have had a very eventful past couple of weeks. First, my dear grandmother passed away at the wonderful age of 98. She was a remarkable woman, living by herself until her time came. She was also our "prayer warrior" and we know she is in Heaven with Jesus.

Last week, the family began the task of cleaning out Granny Lucille's house. I went with the goal of finding some things to make treasures for my sister and myself. I found a couple sets of screw-on earrings and knew my plan.
After visiting Michael's for my jewelry findings, I removed the earring posts off the back of each earring. Then I simply used E-6000 to attach the jewelry pieces to their new finding. Now, we each have a new broach and a new funky ring! I can't wait to see my sis and give these to her!

My mother had cleaned and pressed my Granny's old aprons about a month ago. Her goal was to present the granddaughters and great-granddaughters with an apron on Easter, even before Granny got sick. How special that we each got a piece of her history!

Mine and Olivia's are hanging in the kitchen. Olivia has already worn hers this week, baking with her Easy-Bake oven.

Our second big event is the HUGE flood going on around us. We live in the middle of the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers. If you have watched the news lately, you will know that people have been evacuating their homes, businesses and churches. It is very scary! Our home is fine, but our church is one block from the river. We are currently on our 6th day out of school, with no news of when we will return. Prayers are very much needed!

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