Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kindergarten Honor Graduate

Okay, so maybe not an honor graduate...

but Olivia had the sweetest little graduation ceremony today. Each child had a speaking part. AND she did get certificates for high math and reading scores!

We're proud of you sweetie!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Busy Memorial Day Weekend

We have enjoyed several activities this weekend. First, Carol and Robert planned a wonderful family picnic. We got to see several family members we hadn't seen in awhile. We were at the picnic for a little while to visit and eat a good meal before we were off to Olivia's dance recital. She did a beautiful job in her ballet and her tap routines.
Snce her tap routine was next to the end, we stayed for the finale (for the first time). They had all of the classes who were still there come out on stage. The little girls had the flowers from their families. It was sweet but went on way too long. I guess we'll have to stay fo it again in 2 years when Olivia receives a crown and trophy!
Here are some photos from the family picnic:

Carrie and Paige Carrie's boy - Daniel Michael

Cheryl & Steven Robin's Girls

Carrie's girl - Caroline Uncle Gene, Tim and Jeff
Daniel helping the men Olivia & Jeff feeding the fish

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My New Favorite Place

Last weekend I went to a children's consignment sale. It was half off day and I ended up getting this wicker table for $10! She needed a little cleaning up and some paint, but was in very good shape.
Adding her to my front porch makes this my new favorite place - chalk and bubbles included! (If only those birds wouldn't leave me "gifts" on my swing!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Teaching Tiles

Some of my wonderful yearbook kids have noticed the Scrabble tiles I make/wear. They decided to try their hand at them.

They turned out really good! And I'm teaching them the fun things to do with Mod Podge. Their college dorm rooms have great possibilities.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother/Daughter Tea at Church

A little over a year ago, I had an idea to have a mother/daughter tea at church. It was too close to Mother's Day to plan, so I waited until this year.

Part of organizing an event is finding the PERFECT people to help you. One of these people, who God sat me down beside one Sunday morning, is Mrs. Denise. I told her of my idea of having the tea and that we would need some decorations. From that, Mrs. Denise took off and never stopped.
Using her handy-dandy Cricut machine, Denise made wonderful flower themed place settings for each and every seat - about 72 in all. No two were alike! Needless to say, everyone loved them and many took them home for scrapbooks and even decorations.
From this flower theme came the idea of a banner, which I currently do not have a photo of, darn. "If you had been a flower, I would have picked you."

She also made some extra large flowers, bees and butterflies to decorate some white lattice we found in the church basement. This was our backdrop for each and every group of ladies to have their picture taken. I took pictures and plan to display them at church Sunday for Mother's Day.
We had chicken salad, vegie trays and fruit trays, which I picked up at Sam's and embellished a little. Many ladies in the church brought wonderful desserts.

Miss Hunter provided wonderful songs and Mrs. April gave a beautiful devotion.

We had about 60 in attendance at our first ever Mother/Daughter Tea!