Saturday, September 20, 2008

Class Reunion Part 2

So here's the night we all got to dress up "fancy" (which I rarely do anymore) and visit without the kids! We enjoyed catching up even more and seeing friends who didn't make it to the picnic. We missed you - Tina, Michelle & Terri! Everyone asked where you were. We had a slide show rolling with old pictures from the 80s - what a hoot! We enjoyed a light, snack dinner and even had purple flash cookies and LO cake!
For those of you who ask, how do you find the time to blog....multitasking. While these pictures were uploading, I was washing clothes, making chili, then folding clothes. It really isn't hard and hope you enjoy reading! Be sure and leave a comment.

Karen, Heather, Deanna, me, Linda and Holly
Mark, Rusty, Matt, Renee, Kelly, Jared
Keith, Jennifer, Barry, Shana
Rusty, Jonathan

Linda, Deanna, Michelle
me and Holly - may have to post the one of us from prom to compare!


goooooood girl said...

Feel good......

Anonymous said...

oh my>>> what in the world does that comment mean.
you guys look great! wishing I could've been there!
Tina P

BNPHITE12 said...

This is a great picture Greta! I thought Holly would bring home thousands but she didn't. I love your blog!!!!!

Also, don't get out the prom pictures. The hair will "scare your pants off" as Mollie B would say!!!