Monday, June 29, 2009

He watches over us....

Not too long ago a couple of blue birds visited our back porch. I noticed they were trying to build a nest in my flower box, which isn't too smart with two kids and two cats around. I thought they wised up, but they are back for good.

There are now 3 bluish eggs in a tiny nest in our flower box. The momma blue bird watches over them the best she can.

And the daddy blue bird watches over her. It is the sweetest thing. He even brings her worms.

As I watch him, I am reminded of our Heavenly Father. He is never very far away, just like this daddy blue bird. God wants to protect us and see us grow up - just like the daddy blue bird wants his babies safe and to eventually fly away.

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nancyg1126 said...

Do you know how hard it is to get blue birds to build in the birdhouses we specially make for them and you have them building right out in the open to enjoy plus God showed you something through those pretty little birds. That's so cool!!!