Friday, January 29, 2010

Cupcake Birthday Party

We had Olivia's 7th Birthday Party last weekend. We picked a cupcake theme and went with a pink and lime green color scheme.
I had so much fun filling my apothecary jars! The big one had the goody bags - filled with fancy soaps, lotions, and lip gloss. One is filled with birthday candles from past parties. Another is filled with lollipop shaped soaps. The smaller ones were filled with m&ms and marshmallows.
Olivia and I made this table runner. I had bought a pack of cupcake and candy theme transfers. She helped me place them and I ironed them on. We edged the runner with cute ribbon.The candy we used came at a bargain price. I had the kids separate the Christmas colored m&ms - the light green colors were perfect for the party. The pink ones are from a bag of Valentine m&ms and the marshmallows are stars from a bag of marked down Christmas mix.The girls each got to decorate 4 cupcakes - 2 sprinkles and 2 chocolate. They picked the one they wanted to eat at the party and we sent the others home on green plates (after Christmas sale!).They made some pretty cute cupcakes.We did serve some fruit along with the cupcakes and some yummy punch! Olivia had a fun time at home with just a few special friends. I had fun planning the parties!

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