Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crafting with my sis and other things

A few weekends ago my little sis, Paige, came home for a visit. I felt the need for a group craft. I had seen the moss initials on other blogs and thought they were cute.

Lucky me, I have a wood shop class across the hall from me. I found the letters I wanted and they cut me some letters out of some scrap wood. Then I searched Hobby Lobby and found the new sheet moss. We simply traced the letters and cut the moss. Anywhere we had a bare spot, we just added moss and it blended it fine. Hot glue worked great to hold it all together.

We used a staple gun to add ribbon to the back. Here is mom's version on her great red door!

Here is Paige's version...got to see it on our trip over spring break!

And here is mine...I'm dying to paint my front door!

Lil sis found this neat compote bowl at a yard sale while in town. It has great potential.

Here's the bowl after a little spray paint TLC, some hydrangeas and pears. How cute!

I've been wanting a little table or shelf for the hallway outside our master bedroom. The wood shop class came through for me again. I found a plan on Ana White's wonderful website. She has tons of furniture plans and how-tos. Here is my little shelf (Pottery Barn style) before her paint job.

And here she is with her paint job. I'm having fun deciding what to put on her and where!

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Anonymous said...

gorgeous. especially love the compote bowl - so beautiful!

Miss Charming said...

I really like how the bookcase turned out--it looks custom! (Loving your mom's red door, too!)