Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer Project

My sister, Paige, and I adore Lilly Pulitzer clothes. The problem is we're a big too frugal to purchase them new! We scour the coolest 2nd hand shops in St. Louis (Scholarshops) each Spring and can only find the cute skirts in size 2 or 4, NOT happening!

I got the idea to get some Lilly fabric and make some cool things for my sis for Christmas. I looked over the internet, found some neat fabric, but the urge never hit me to actually follow through with placing an order. Then I got the idea to have Paige purchase a slightly used skirt, no matter what the size. She admitted she felt a little weird buying this size 2, even if it was just $12!

I loved the colors and the different options the skirt presented me with. I quickly made a list of all the different options I had....jewerly, decorated frame, mouse pad....

I finally ended up making a bracelet, using squares of the fabric and mod podge. I also made pendants with Diamond Glaze and a glass square. Last, I made a couple of
pony tail holders by making covered buttons and slipping them on blank pony tail holders. I gave them to Paige for Christmas.
I only used about 1/2 the material and want to make some things for myself and Olivia. I figure if you can't buy a Lilly dress, you can dress up what you do have with a few Lilly accessories!

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