Wednesday, August 29, 2012

L.L. Bean knockoff

I always enjoy getting new catalogs in the mail, especially when the seasons are about to change!  I recently got an L.L. Bean copy and found myself liking one of the home decorations instead of the clothes.  I wish I could show you a picture of the Latitude/Longitude Sign that they have, but I couldn’t get the picture to copy into my blog.  Instead you can visit their website here

So, I started thinking of the wooden signs I had left over from the Hometalk party I had.  I figured I could do a fairly good “knock off” of the L.L. Bean version.  I looked up the latitude and longitude of my hometown. 

I used the same technique as the ones we made at the party.  I just had a few more lines to draw and stickers to arrange.  And you can tell, I don't always use the lines that I draw, lol.

I didn’t show the painting steps, but I painted over the stickers and let them dry, then peeled them off slowly.  Last I just sanded the edges a little to rough up the sign and make it look a little aged.

Here’s a few more pictures to show off my creation.  I think it turned out cute!

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