Monday, August 13, 2012

Simple Chocolate Teacher's Back to School Gift

Last week, these two cuties and I went back to school.  We weren't exactly thrilled, but it was a great summer and we didn't want to complain...

I knew they needed a little something for their teacher.  I also know that teacher's LOVE and NEED chocolate sometimes to get through a particularly rough day!

I used some Crystal Light drink mix containers and filled them with chocolate.

First, I wrapped the container with scrapbook paper, cutting where it would fit all the way around.  I used a glue stick to stick it on a wrapped a rubber band around to hold it in place while it dried.

Next, I used washi tape around the top and bottom of the paper to hold it down.  Plus, washi tape is just fun to use!

To hold the container onto the desk (I envision under the desk so little hands can't get into the stash), I used magnets that came on the top of my phone books.  I recycled them by cutting them into strips and hot gluing them onto the container.

Last, I made labels for the top that read "Because sometimes you just NEED a little chocolate!"  All of the teachers loved these as we handed them out at Back to School Night!

And, yes, I did make one for my desk!  And a few for my fellow high school teacher buddies.  They were a hit with them, too!Skip To My LouTip Junkie handmade projectsTodays Creative Blog

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