Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

We had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend! The kids and I went to an arts and crafts show Saturday, where we actually got some Christmas shopping started. We had rain that evening so we spent the rest of the day inside. Sunday we went to church then Aunt Paige and Uncle Steven came over with Nanny for lunch. Uncle Ben stopped by also. Everyone met the newest family member, Rex the dog, and thought he was a wonderful addition. After a little while, we were off to friend Emily's 2nd birthday party to help celebrate with her family. (thanks for including us) I didn't get a very good picture of all the kids. Kim, don't forget to forward me one of yours.

We spent Labor Day at Nanny's. Thanks Nancy for taking our family photos! And, Ben, you cooked some wonderful hamburgers. It was a pleasant day visiting with everyone. The only bummer was Jeff leaving for work a little while ago. I'm also worried as Daniel had quite a long nap this afternoon, I may be up until midnight with him.

I leave you with a picture Daniel took of me last week. We were waiting for the vet to check Oreo and Callie. I was trying to get in touch with Jeff and I didn't realize I looked so tired! But, I am impressed with Daniel's photographic skills!

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