Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A trip to Amish Country

It has become a tradition this time of year for us to make a trip with Nanny...to see the Amish. It is neat to visit their quiet, simple life.

We like to dig our own big, beautiful mums - for $3!
We also like to check out the vegetables and goodies they have for sale. We ended up with a box of tomatoes ($5 for about 10 pounds), beans ($1 a pound) and a couple of pumpkins (at a huge discount). The kids joined me in the kitchen...freezing some tomatoes for winter soups and chili...and snapping beans.This trip definitely works for my family! If you have an Amish community close to you, take a visit to see what they have available. We have gotten furniture, a porch swing, baked goods and fresh spices from them in previous years.

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Dreamer of Edward said...

I love the Amish trip tip...too cool! The boots are adorable! I miss my kids being little like this...such fun times!! Will have to talk the 15 3/4 year old to go dig with me...maybe Monday? I would love to have some Mums dug by my daughter & myself!!

{ L } said...

Ohh! I have always dreamed of taking a trip to Amish Country. How special that you got to do those fun things there! Love the adorable boots too. :)

Also, I'm doing my first giveaway on my blog right now if you're interested: