Friday, September 4, 2009

Why I Love Consignment Stores, Etc.

Kids grow so fast. I get excited when Olivia or Daniel can wear something for more than one season, especially if it is a favorite article of clothing.

Last night Olivia and I went to our favorite consignment store while the boys played golf. She had a blast running around helping me to pick out some clothes. I got some great things for both of them.

My favorite reason, besides saving money, for shopping there is that someone else has done all the leg work! They've gone to all of our favorite stores or home clothing parties. There is a great selection and we get some really cute clothes!!! Not only does it save me money - but time as well!

Next, I actually won something on a blog giveaway! A fellow Purple Flash and Sig Kap, Michelle, has the neatest blog, Everyday Celebrating. She sponsored a contest for SmileBooks and I won a $10 off coupon and a tee shirt. I'll be watching the mailbox closely!

I leave you with a picture of the kids waiting for the school bus. We finally got the road fixed so the bus could come down our road. Only one school year and one month later...

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Michelle@everyday celebrating said...

Yay! You won! I love SmileBooks! Really quality photo books and perfect for those that digital scrapbook!

Thanks for the mention and I love your blog design! Cute!